Direct Insurance Billing

We understand how stressful it is when your home or business is damaged by leaks, flooding, or fire. To help you through this process and reduce the financial burden, we bill your insurance company directly. You will not have to pay for any of the services out of your pocket. Here is what you need to know about insurance claims billing in the aftermath of water or fire damage and how we can help.

We Take Care of Insurance Documentation for You
If you don’t document all aspects of the disaster properly, you may not get compensation that you are entitled to from the insurance company. We make sure this never happens! Our technicians are not only trained in water and fire damage cleanup and restoration tactics, but also in documentation and reporting methods. When we arrive on scene, we will take photographs and records of important information such as water levels and the degree of contamination and damage. We can also alert you to any secondary damages which may occur and make sure that the insurance claim is filed in a way which ensures you will get compensated for these damages as well.

Should You File a Claim?
You took out homeowners insurance with situations like this in mind. However, it isn’t always smart to file a homeowners insurance claim for water or fire damage. While you might save on the immediate costs, it could cost you in the long run.

When you file a claim with your insurance company, it is almost inevitable that your rates will increase – especially if you haven’t been on the policy for a very long time or have filed any other claims in the past few years. Further, many insurance companies routinely cancel the policies of people who file claims for water damage. With the water or fire damage claim on your record, it may be hard to get affordable coverage from another company.

Our technicians fully understand the long and short-term costs and benefits of filing insurance claims. When we arrive, we will give you an estimate of how much cleanup and restoration services will cost. For cases of small damage, you may wish to pay for the services yourself rather than risk having your insurance rates increase. In cases of major damages, then it makes sense to file a claim.

Am I Covered Under My Homeowners Insurance?
Fire damage cleanup services are almost always covered under homeowners insurance. With water damage cleanup, coverage varies significantly. Many insurance companies have started to be very restrictive with their coverage.

If the water damage occurs from a natural disaster or bad weather (such as basement flooding from a storm), then you probably are not covered. This type of water damage is only covered under separate flood damage policies. When you call your insurance company, be careful not to say the word flood! Even saying the word flood can cause your claim to be denied! For example, if your basement gets flooded due to a burst pipe, you should only say terms like “water damage” or “standing water” because flooding implies a natural disaster – which would not be covered. Our staff are experts at dealing with insurance companies and know exactly how to file claims so they are not denied.

Contact us today for fire and water damage cleanup services. Our fast response and thorough methods save your property. We are here to help you through this ordeal!

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