Flood Damage

When water gets into your home, it knows virtually no boundaries. It seeps deep into hard surfaces like wood and concrete. It saturates porous materials like drywall and mattresses. It saturates your upholstery and drenches electronics. With this water often comes biohazard wastes, bacteria, pollutants and the eminent threat of mold growth. To get the flood under control and save your property, you need to call in the experts ASAP! Our technicians are IICRC Certified and industry leaders in cleaning up flood damage and preventing secondary damages. You can trust us to get you through this ordeal!

The Two Types of Flooding
There are two reasons that flooding might occur in your home: a natural disaster (such as storm water) or plumbing malfunctions. Why does this matter – flooding is flooding, right? Well, when it comes to insurance companies, the type of flooding matters!

Homeowners insurance policies rarely will cover flooding from natural disasters such as storms. This coverage is only available through separate Flood policies. So, if your basement floods from a burst pipe and you call the insurance company saying that you have “flooding”, they may immediately deny your claim, even if you should get coverage!

Our staff have extensive first-hand experience dealing with insurance companies. We know the industry jargon and exactly how to file claims so you get the full coverage you deserve.

We Respond in 30 Minutes
When your home is covered in 2 feet of water, you can’t wait for regular business hours to start the cleanup process! We have elite teams of emergency flood damage cleanup technicians on staff 24/7. Our GPS dispatching system ensures that we can get them to you in the fastest amount of time – 30 minutes or less – so the cleanup process can begin immediately before permanent damages occur.

Direct Billing to Insurance Companies
When your home is flooded from natural sources of water, such as rain water in the aftermath of a storm, it usually is not covered under homeowners insurance policies and only are covered under separate policies. By contrast, water damage from burst pipes and plumbing defects are usually covered. Our technicians will help you understand whether your damages can be covered by insurance. If so, we take all of the necessary steps to ensure you get the full coverage you deserve, including documenting the damage and filing reports. We even bill the insurance company directly so you don’t have to worry about payment.

Why Choose Us for Water Damage Cleanup Services in Malibu?
• IICRC Certified Technicians
• Modern equipment and tools
• Our methods save your property!
• 30 minute response
• Available 24/7
• Direct billing to insurance
• Committed to customer service

Contact us today to have a team of water damage cleanup experts sent to your home or business immediately. We are here to help!

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