Water Damage Restoration

In the aftermath of a leak or flood, you might find your home and belongings covered with filth and saturated with dirty water. It might look like the situation is hopeless and you will have to throw away your belongings and do extensive remodeling. However, with the right approach, your property can be saved! Our IICRC Certified technicians are experts in water damage restoration and can help you get through this ordeal with as little expense and damage as possible.

Contact us anytime for immediate service from water damage restoration experts. We are available 24/7 and promise a 30-minute response time.

The First 24 Hours Are Critical
In situations of water damage, your first priority should always be the safety of you and your family. Never walk into standing water to save belongings – you could put yourself at risk of an electrical shock or expose yourself to contaminated water! Once you are out of harm’s way though, you should call for expert help immediately. Water damage, even small cases such as from leaks, can quickly cause major damages if not treated. The first 24 hours are critical for minimizing damages. The sooner you call us, the better the chances are that we will be able to save all of your property.

Can It Be Saved?
When fast action is taken, virtually all types of property can be saved and restored from water damage. Here are some of the ways we approach water damage restoration of your belongings.
• Carpets: Depending on how saturated the carpet is, it might need to be removed for drying. Carpet padding is especially absorbent, so we might recommend removing and replacing it rather than risk mold growth. We can dry your carpets off-site and reinstall them when dry.
• Wood Floors: Wood floors are particularly hard to dry because water gets deep within the grains. We use specialized InjectiDry systems to dry your wood floors and prevent or even reverse any warping.
• HVAC Air Ducts: It is important that air ducts aren’t overlooked as they are a common area of mold growth. Ducts are cleaned and sealed to prevent moisture from getting to other areas of your home.
• Upholstery and Furniture: If mold growth hasn’t set in, then we use extraction machines to remove water and sanitize your furniture. Even dirty furniture can be saved!
• Electronics:Even electronics can often be restored if their parts are allowed to dry out before corrosion sets in. These are usually inventoried and dried off-site to immediately get them out of moisture.
• Drywall: Drywall is very porous and it can be difficult to dry out, especially in cases of flooding. We often recommend removing drywall if mold growth is a danger. If moisture levels are under control, then we use air movers to save your drywall.
• Valuable Papers: If any valuable paper items get damaged by water, put them in the freezer. This will save them until they can be professionally dried in a controlled environment.

30 Minute Response Time
Every minute matters with water damage cleanup! You can’t afford to wait around for technicians to arrive at your home. We understand how critical it is to act fast and promise a 30 minute response time. No matter what time of day or night you call, you can expect us to arrive in 30 minutes or less. We arrive in vans which are fully stocked with industry-grade water extraction machines, sanitizers, biocides for mold, deodorizers, and repair tools. Our fast response and thoroughness will save your property and save you money.

Direct Billing to Insurance Companies
Worried about how much water damage cleanup services will cost? If the water damage was caused by a leak or burst pipe, it is probably covered by your home insurance company. We take the stress out of paying for water damage restoration services by billing your insurance company directly. We will even take the documentation required for the claim, such as photographs and reports.

Why Choose Us for Water Damage Restoration Services in Malibu?
• IICRC Certified Technicians
• Modern equipment and tools
• Our methods save your property!
• 30 minute response
• Available 24/7
• Direct billing to insurance
• Committed to customer service

Contact us today to have a team of water damage restoration experts sent to your home or business immediately. We are here to help!

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