Water damage

Water is an incredible substance and life would be impossible without it. Yet, water also has an amazing ability to cause damage. It can get into the tiniest to cracks and saturate surfaces. Once there, it can eat away at the very foundation of your home, cause corrosion, or create a breeding ground for mold. We understand just how destructive water can be, which is why we take all cases seriously. If you have experienced a leak, flood, or other form of water damage, call us immediately to start the cleanup process. The sooner you call, the better your chances are of saving your property!

Our Water Damage Cleanup Services Include:
• 24/7 emergency response
• Structural drying (walls, drywall, ceilings, floors)
• Carpet cleaning and drying
• Wood floor cleaning and drying
• Upholstery cleaning and drying
• Mold mitigation
• Category III (Black Water) Cleanup
• Water damage repairs
• Off-site drying and storage
• Sanitization and deodorization
• Direct billing to insurance
• Documentation for insurance claims
• Further services as needed

What You Need to Know About Water Damage
Water damage is not something that you should take lightly. Even mild cases of water damage, such as a leak onto your drywall, can be disastrous if immediate action is not taken. The water itself can be destructive, particularly with wood floors as it will cause warping. However, it usually isn’t the water itself which causes problems. It is the imminent mold growth.

There are always some mold spores floating around the air in your home. These mold spores are usually harmless though because conditions aren’t moist enough to allow them to grow. When you experience water damage, the water creates an environment which allows the mold to thrive. Mold growth can begin in as little as 24 hours in humid conditions. The mold causes unsightly stains which may become permanent. The damage isn’t just limited to the area of your home which got wet. For example, a leak may have caused your carpet to get wet. You set up some fans to help dry the carpet, thinking that this will solve the problem. The fans evaporate the water from the carpet, but not the water is in the air – which means that humidity levels increase in the room. After a few days, you notice that mold is growing on your walls and ceiling!

To prevent warping and mold growth from water damage, it is crucial that a comprehensive approach is taken to drying. Our technicians create a comprehensive plan and use professional methods to ensure your property is saved and secondary damages are prevented.

The Water Damage Cleanup Process
Our technicians are prepared to do whatever it takes to save your property from water damage, including sewage water contamination (Category III water damage) and mold growth. Here is an overview of our comprehensive approach to water damage cleanup services.

1. Inspection and Assessment: We always put safety first and will assess the site for any risks, such as electrical shock or hazardous materials like sewage. During this time, we will also take documentation required for insurance claims. Using infrared cameras and moisture meters, we are able to pinpoint pockets of moisture which are hidden in places like wall joists and subflooring.

2. Inventory and Pack-out: If necessary, we will remove belongings so they can be dried off-site in controlled environment or saved from potential secondary damages.

3. Water Extraction: We use industry-grade water extraction devices to pump standing water out of your home or business, and to suction moisture from surfaces including upholstery and carpets. Wood floors can be dried with injectidry systems which are mounted onto the floor and work to prevent warping.

4. Evaporation and Dehumidification:All moisture must be removed from your property to prevent mold growth. We set up air movers in a calculated way to ensure even drying and prevent warping. The air movers help get water out of surfaces and into the air. Dehumidifiers then catch this water and keep humidity levels under control. This is very important for preventing mold growth.

5. Sewage Damage Decontamination: In cases of sewage damage, surfaces will be treated and completely sanitized. Hard surfaces which have been affected by sewage damage may need to be sealed.

6. Repairs: Our comprehensive water damage services include repairs, such as removing moldy drywall and restoring damage structures.

7. Sanitization and Deodorization: Bacteria and mold thrive in moist conditions. We treat affected property with biocides and sanitizers to protect your health. Deodorizers get your home smelling fresh again.

8. Reinstallation: Any belongings which have been removed for drying, such as carpets, will be brought back and installed.

We Are Experts in Psychometry
Psychometry sounds like it would be a branch of psychology, but it is actually a science which is critical to water damage cleanup. It is the study of the properties of moist air. When your floors, walls, or other property get wet, the water will evaporate into the air. Moisture in air is very dangerous because it creates conditions in which mold can grow. This is why water damage on your floor can lead to mold growth on your ceilings. To clean up water damage and prevent secondary damages, knowledge of psychometry is important.

Our technicians are highly knowledge of the principles of psychometry. They have first-hand experience with techniques for controlling evaporation rates using air movers, and further controlling the moisture levels in air with dehumidifiers. The process involves a calculated approach to setting up fans and dehumidifiers so moisture levels are consistent throughout the space.

We Respond in 30 Minutes
Don’t wait for regular business hours to call for water damage cleanup services. Every minute counts and the first 24 hours are critical for saving your property and preventing secondary damages. We have a full staff of IICRC Certified technicians who are available 24/7. Thanks to our GPS dispatching system, we can promise to be at your home or business within 30 minutes of your call. Our fast response and thoroughness will save your property and save you money.

Direct Billing to Insurance Companies
One of the biggest hassles with water damage is having to deal with insurance companies. Let us take care of this for you! We have extensive knowledge of the insurance claims process and can take all documentation required for the claims. We even bill the insurance company directly so you don’t have to worry about paying for water damage cleanup services.

Why Choose Us for Water Damage Cleanup Services in Malibu?
• IICRC Certified Technicians
• Modern equipment and tools
• Our methods save your property!
• 30 minute response
• Available 24/7
• Direct billing to insurance
• Committed to customer service

Contact us today to have a team of water damage cleanup experts sent to your home or business immediately. We are here to help!

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